Thursday, February 26, 2009

Lunch with the Uhers: A photo tour

Photo A:
Colorful and delectable salad carefully placed on a unique handmade rare-of-a-find plate. Matching cup filled with a lovely side of cottage cheese. "Thank you Sweet Wife" (that is what he said...just not out loud)

Photo B: Sunny and cheerful is our lunchtime courtyard view.

Photo C: After leaving momentarily, he returns, red plastic bowl in hand. "Mmm, this is good, but I'm making a casserole."
A casserole? Last time I checked, a casserole is (according to my mac dictionary):a kind of stew that is cooked slowly in an oven : a chicken casserole.• a large covered dish, typically of earthenware or glass, used for cooking such stews. Seriously, anything mixed with more than two ingredients is a casserole for this offbeat Ohio man.

Photo D: "Oh yeah! Screw the delicate handmade pottery, I'm using my red plastic mixing bowl and cramming as much casserole as possible down my throat."

Photo E: Cute couple. Can you guess which one of us still has a giant bite of food in his/her mouth? Hmmmmm...P.S. Headband catch your eye? Her craft is almost as adorable as she is. (Check out Etsy for all kinds of unique handmade and vintage goods)

Photo F: He gets up again. This time he returns with half a bag of tortilla chips. Puts his entire hand into the bag, grabs a handful, and smashes both of his hands together, and, VOILA!

Photo G:
Me with one of my favorite mugs. I know, things are things, whatever, they are "gonna burn one day", but I take pride in my humble little collection of vintage mugs. It takes a special eye to spot these gems and I pay top Quarters for these thrift store finds.

Photo H:
The goulash-casserole-whatever mess is finished off. Time for dessert: Organic chocolate chip cookies. I spy a creeper in the photo, do you?

Photo I: Ok, remember Photo G? The cutesy mug. A small collection of mugs stand like soldiers in our cupboard, just waiting to be called upon and used. He could care less. Where did he get that thing filled with milk? I think he pulled it straight out of the recycling bin.

Photo J:
Yep, that's my man. And I stinkin' love him.

a different but loving pair.


Monday, February 16, 2009

Bronchitis is holding Aaron hostage

My Sweetie Pie has bronchitis. What a true bummer. He hacks all night, so he has been sleeping on the couch so that I can sleep. There is some love for ya, huh? He seems to be finally getting better though! Thanks to prayers, antibiotics, probiotics, and lots of orange juice and movies.
I've been busy with work. Really busy with work, which is a great wonderful thing when 1.)you love your job and 2.)the economy is down.

I had a couple crabby days this week. The contrast of my crabbiness and my mushy love for love stories is a great reminder that the health and happiness of our marriage doesn't rest on either of our emotions. I love the cute sweet stuff, but true love is beyond us, which is so amazing. {Everyday} I am reminded that our marriage is glued together by something much bigger (and better) than our sentimental love. I believe God abides in us and his love is perfected in us.
"...he is like a tree planted by streams of water that yields its fruit in its season and its leaf does not wither. In all that he does, he prospers..." (from the first psalm)
Do you feel like your marriage is like that tree? Do you feel like your life is like that tree? Are you sustained by a reliable and revitalizing stream? My desire is that "aaron & michelle uher" is that awesome happy tree whose livelihood is sourced from the Truth.
I hope you all had a Happy, Sweet Valentine's Day! Aaron and I love Indian food, but we were too broke (and he, too sick) to head out to our favorite Indian restaurant. Sooooo, we got our Punjabi on, baby! Don't worry, in a family friendly way.
Mmmm, together we dished out homemade Chicken Tikka Masala, aromatic rice, and something like saag paneer.
Geeez, seriously, it was awesome. Next time you have a craving for Indian food, forget the local Indian restaurant and come on over to the Uhers'. Now, here are some pictures of our faces for you! Enjoy!


Thursday, February 12, 2009

Job Hunt on Hold...

So I've been looking for a job for the last few weeks. Something a little more professional and consistent than carpentry. I even went so far as to buy a suit! If you know me you know this is a big deal. I had one company interested in me but it turned out to be a terrible job, so terrible in fact that the after effects of a ride along (I shadowed a guy to see exactly how a business day would look.) has left me with a hacking cough and the runs. What the heck! Anyway you all can be praying that I feel better soon so I can get back out there on the hunt again. And also pray that I find a job... soon.


Monday, February 9, 2009

Love & Whales

What a day! Poor Aaron was sick to his stomach all day in bed. Hopefully lots of sleep, many episodes of Smallville, my homemade soup, and OJ + sparkling h2O will do the trick. Tomorrow is a 'ride along'; follow-up to his interview last Thursday for a new job. Bust out our kneepads and ask God for favor.
By the end of the day, we both lounged on the couch with hurting tummies, finished off the soup, and watched the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy.
There was a point in the movie where the Intergalactic whatchamacallit button was pushed and instead of the spaceship morphing, the two missiles chasing the spaceship morphed. One of the missiles morphed into a whale. That poor whale's mind raced with thoughts of it's purpose as it fell at lightning speed toward some planet, and, well, crashed. The movie never awarded him his meaning in life, but I will in this blog.
This whale will now transition us to the second romance story of the month. Hopefully you are still reading (whoever you are, I don't think we have an audience yet, but I'll keep typing)

So, February 3, 2006 was Aaron's 25th birthday. We were three months into blissful dating. I was pumped to celebrate his birthday for the first time together. I love birthdays. I really do. My great plan was going to be a fun surprise. A whale watching trip. I know right? AWESOME! You might even be thinking, "gee what a sweetie". I pridefully drove us south into San Diego, with a big smile stretched from earlobe to earlobe. Aaron didn't get to see the glee on my face because, of course, he was blindfolded. He pulled off the blindfold as we pulled into the harbor parking lot. He clearly wasn't as enthusiastic as I was, which was fine, I am sure he just needed to get on that boat. Together! On his birthday!
We boarded and we made our way to the back bench. As we headed out on choppy waters, we sat there. Cold. {I didn't think to pack warm clothes}
A couple hours into the excursion, we sat on the back bench. Hungry. {oops-I didn't think to bring snacks}
By the end of the trip, we sat on the back bench. Burnt. Well, not me, just my very white skinned boyfriend from Ohio. {No, I didn't pack sunscreen, hats, or sunglasses}
Um, Happy Birthday Aaron.
The trip was redeemed by a few whales splashing & waving at us and Aaron feeding seagulls off the back of the boat with a fellow whale watcher's goldfish cracker crumbs.

This story really sets the tone for this very different but loving pair. I hope you don't mind taking this tumble down Lover's Lane with me; there are some funny stories. It won't last too long. I can already see March peaking over the horizon.

Oh yeah, listen to amos lee's album last days at the lodge. it's pleasant.


Sunday, February 8, 2009

Happy Love Month.

It's true, we are seven days deep into the month of love. I've been inspired to celebrate. By what? My drive home from a bridal shower, the bluebird velvet sky breaking past wet pavement colored clouds, or that exciting image of my sweet Love walking toward me with a surprise work visit and a warm cup of chai. Lots of moments of inspiration, I hope you catch all of them in your own life. So how will I, uh,  we celebrate?  I thought I woud litter this blog, during the month of love,  with stories of our disastrous romance. Hopefully you too will be inspired....or maybe smile outloud, or maybe just pity us. PLUS! Aaron is going to be very unhappy with me if I wait any longer to write to you all.

Story #1 is a sweet one. I told it today, in fact. It was a memory of our dating days...or pre-dating days? I lived with three other gals, one of whom I was a caretaker for. I had a little room at the end of the hall, packed with my hodge podge of roadside finds, weathered books, handmade art and a mattress. A ratty old mattress with springs that threatened of a spinal injury. Aaron couldn't believe I slept on it. I didn't know the difference. When was the last time I slept on anything soft and inviting anyway? Well, after a long shift working the front desk of my gym, I walked into my room, and flopped on the mattress. Something was different. While I scanned membership cards at work, the new blue-eyed, blonde hair boy in my life had a very different day. He weighed down the roof of his dilapidated (sorry A) Relient K with his newer, comfy mattress. He drove that cushion of comfiness to my apartment and switched it out for mine. Mmmm, there was something so different about him.


Happy 2009! 38 days late...

We ran out of time this year and didn't get our year end update letters out.  So we decided to start a blog instead. Sorry to those who really like receiving actual letters, this will have to do this year!   We'll try to update as much as we can! We miss and love you all!