Thursday, February 26, 2009

Lunch with the Uhers: A photo tour

Photo A:
Colorful and delectable salad carefully placed on a unique handmade rare-of-a-find plate. Matching cup filled with a lovely side of cottage cheese. "Thank you Sweet Wife" (that is what he said...just not out loud)

Photo B: Sunny and cheerful is our lunchtime courtyard view.

Photo C: After leaving momentarily, he returns, red plastic bowl in hand. "Mmm, this is good, but I'm making a casserole."
A casserole? Last time I checked, a casserole is (according to my mac dictionary):a kind of stew that is cooked slowly in an oven : a chicken casserole.• a large covered dish, typically of earthenware or glass, used for cooking such stews. Seriously, anything mixed with more than two ingredients is a casserole for this offbeat Ohio man.

Photo D: "Oh yeah! Screw the delicate handmade pottery, I'm using my red plastic mixing bowl and cramming as much casserole as possible down my throat."

Photo E: Cute couple. Can you guess which one of us still has a giant bite of food in his/her mouth? Hmmmmm...P.S. Headband catch your eye? Her craft is almost as adorable as she is. (Check out Etsy for all kinds of unique handmade and vintage goods)

Photo F: He gets up again. This time he returns with half a bag of tortilla chips. Puts his entire hand into the bag, grabs a handful, and smashes both of his hands together, and, VOILA!

Photo G:
Me with one of my favorite mugs. I know, things are things, whatever, they are "gonna burn one day", but I take pride in my humble little collection of vintage mugs. It takes a special eye to spot these gems and I pay top Quarters for these thrift store finds.

Photo H:
The goulash-casserole-whatever mess is finished off. Time for dessert: Organic chocolate chip cookies. I spy a creeper in the photo, do you?

Photo I: Ok, remember Photo G? The cutesy mug. A small collection of mugs stand like soldiers in our cupboard, just waiting to be called upon and used. He could care less. Where did he get that thing filled with milk? I think he pulled it straight out of the recycling bin.

Photo J:
Yep, that's my man. And I stinkin' love him.

a different but loving pair.



  1. you guys are just too cool for school.


  2. this was thoroughly entertaining :)