Sunday, March 22, 2009

"What a great day, from the moment we woke up," Aaron said.

Happy Birthday high five from ole' Mo

"It's my birthday and I'll pee where I want to...especially a small space reserved for growing pretty flowers!"

We had plans to sit on the beach and pray together. Well, I had expectations that we were going to. It was windy and cold and our feet walked more miles than what we planned so we plopped on the bench and allowed the morning to take course. Sometimes expectations get blown away by better happenings. Marriage really is enriched with the meltdown of expectations.

I love Asians. Both signs from one bathroom stall.

Irvine's redeeming qualities.

Seems to be a serious discussion. Perhaps concerning Jake's tendency to hurl sticky tapioca balls from his tongue.


Slightly embarrassed to post this, but I have to. Look how RIDICULOUS I am. Lia is clearly wondering what the heck is going on. And what is Aaron doing?

Aaron and Jake. Two silly goons from Ohio, both faithful men and the nicest men you will probably ever meet.

You know the type of friends that you can very easily be silly or serious with? These are those people. The type of friendship that is effortless, yet compels you to put effort into the relationship.

People often ask what my husband and I like to do together. Do we go out dancing? Do we go to fancy dinners or watch the latest movies? The least expected answer is that we like to thrift. a lot.
It is our favorite thing. ever. to. do.

Pumped to thrift. Yes, another self shot photo, how did you guess?

I used to read a lot. I used to read all sorts of books. I love Dostoevsky, TOLSTOY!, the Bible. Philosophical tidbits, thoughtful novels, political commentary. Truthfully, I stopped a long time ago. I don't know why. Sometimes life seems too busy, but I don't think that is valid. I think we allow ourselves to be too busy with the wrong priority list. Well, that is true for me anyway.
I've decided to start reading again, at least more than just fitness articles. I am starting with this book. I use to talk negatively about this book. Ignorant. I had no right to. I hadn't ever read the book. So, this is how I started our drive back home from OC.

I like this photo because it reminds me to enjoy and appreciate life. Unless the decision is made to experience them, the moments of splendor and beauty will pass you right by.(or do we pass them by?) And often times they happen where you least expect it.

It wasn't just a great day, it was actually a great weekend.

I feel lucky to have a friends that will bring me beautiful, joyful flowers. I feel lucky that they came over Friday night and just relaxed over dinner, a bottle of wine, and tolerated our dog's need to sniff everyone's crotch.

This is Sarah. Sweet.Thoughtful.Quirky.Creative.You can experience her here.
Sarah and super fun and nice and funny and really nice husband, Josh.
I am sorry Minners. We didn't take any photos Saturday, but we enjoyed our tasty dinner and gripping games of 10,000.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Too early in the morning

"Oh my crabs hurt!"
"Crabs? What do you mean your crabs?"
"Oops, I mean my cramps!"

Monday, March 9, 2009

Bouldering/Hiking at Mt. Woodson

Yesterday Michelle, Moses, and I went to Mt. Woodson to try out the new crashpad I got Michelle for Christmas. As some of you may know one of my least favorite things to do is hike. I don't get it, walking in the woods just isn't that special for me. Anyway I sucked it up because Michelle loves it and we headed off to the mountain. Here's a video of our day...