Thursday, December 17, 2009

Milwaukee Laine

hello, hello. as michelle said we're back... hopefully it will last :) we were able to go to a good friends wedding in milwaukee mid-november. it was beautiful and now another place michelle wants to move to. we'll see. i met jake out here at church and we found out that we had actually "met" before. he's from cincinnati and we both went to the same dmb concert back in '98! when i think real hard i believe i do remember him, he was sitting a couple sections over and a few rows down. i remember being jealous because he was closer to the stage. anyway we reignited the friendship that we had embarked upon at that concert so long ago and he became our third wheel. his wife is lovely and her name's lia, now lia laine. could jake be superman?! probably, i wouldn't be surprised. anyway here's some pics of the trip. we also went down to chi-town to hang out with some of my old friends and eat the best pizza ever. period. it was awesome!

chicago. what!

at the rehearsal dinner. yeah that's a sweet stache!

the beautiful newlyweds. (on the left.)

hammin' it up at the reception!

somewhere in milwaukee.


  1. you guys are going to make really good lookin babies.... just sayin....

  2. i heard they are even cuter when you have 'em at home. *wink...hah.

  3. yeah only if you live in a hospital.