Wednesday, March 10, 2010

love and ("ESS-EE-EX!)

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Valentine's Day weekend was a really lOooOooOOvely and fabulous weekend. We started off Saturday with an all day seminar at:
The seminar was awesome. We met up with friends:

Josh and Sarah Ladick,
Sarah's brother Brett and his special lady friend,

and we were lucky enough to sit front row! The musicians were incredibly talented! Click on the word 'musicians' in the previous sentence to hear a preview and/or download their CD for free!
This seminar is a really great resource for all ages of males and females, married and single. Driscoll illustrates the union of hard to tackle Biblical concepts to the practical, real life, every day AND hard to confront situations.
A lot of the information was repetition for Aaron and me because we had covered a lot of the valuable and enriching information through Mark Driscoll's teaching of Song of Solomon. (but I could listen to this information over and over and over!)
I recommend clicking here to watch a little intro video about The Peasant Princess, the series of teachings covering the book Song of Solomon. Don't allow the bright colored cartoon graphics to throw you off. He delivers a powerful message and has been given the ability to sink daggers of truth deep into your heart, leaving you bleeding with the reality of our humanly shortcomings and restored with the hope of God.
Really, truly... Aaron and I agree that a lot of marital issues could have been resolved early on or even before marriage if that series was available before tying the knot. We are so thankful to be so in love and to be so steadfast after the same God, but even in the midst of that, life gets hard. So, seriously, check it out!

What are they talking about Sarah?
A couple photos of the balcony inside The Orpheum Theatre in Los Angeles.

And finally, Uhers Truuuuly, pre-conference:

Also, check out The Hub for more insight to issues of love and relationships!

Oh yeah, so the next day, Valentines Day was awesome too!
We enjoyed a delicious dinner together at Starlite. Starlite is technically a bar, but serves fresh, organic, mostly locally farmed food. They offer unique specialty cocktails created with care and their syrups are concocted from scratch. Remember to leave the kiddos at home, because as stated earlier, it is a bar: 21 & up.
Later on, our buddies Josh and Sarah met up with us and we indulged on dessert at Extraordinary Desserts.
If you are local or are visiting SD area, these are places you must experience!

Anyway, the night ended with a bed of roses, but that's all ya gotta know from here folks. See ya!

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